Welcome to Sharn!

Creating a long-running campaign centered in Sharn, not out of convenience, but for a true in-depth look at the City of Towers. Inspiration can be drawn from the recent Grand Theft Auto games in terms of quest and storyline progression. The characters will be given an urban playground, and their choices will determine the direction of the story.

There will be multiple, varied plot hooks available to the players from the start, and each one will be outlined in itself, but not pre-scripted. If the players do not follow a set path, the events will continue to unfold. For instance, if the players do not take a quest to put down a small kobold menace in The Cogs, a week later, it may have escalated further, such that the kobolds have claimed an entire sub-district. A week later, the Sharn city watch sends in a special team to clean out the problem, but is sent back unexpectedly defeated when they discover that the kobolds are lead by a powerful warlock. And so the story continues. If the PCs never take interest, most plotlines will resolve themselves; but some issues are so important that only heroes lead by destiny stand a chance of altering them.

The mood of One Million Towers will be somewhat akin to the modern Grand Theft Auto franchise, in that the city is a sandbox for the players to explore to their own content. However, this is primarily where the similarities end. Players can find their niche in the gritty depths of Sharn, or up in the political trappings of the higher districts. The choice is up to them.

We invite you, now, to enter Sharn.

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One Million Towers

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